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Hey everyone, I have 2 24x24x48 screen cages. I need some good ideas for drainage, can anyone help with any ideas or photos?
try using a pan that is ment to go under hot water tanks they make big aluminum ones and the have a pre driled spot for pvc pipe. you can get them at home depot.
Where did you get the washing machine drain pan and what size's do they come in. Like I said before, I live in an apt. and can only do so many things with my set-ups. I am pretty much stuck with my 2x2x4 cages and am trying to find a way to be able to mist/humidify the cages while I am at work (4:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m.). If I could find a pan that would sit in the bottom of the cage, be able to support the weight of the live plants and collect the water until I got home to drain it myself then that would be great. The only other solution would to be to build my own cages and put a drainage system in. Unfortunately, I don't have the time, money, or tools to complete a project like this. There has to be someone out there that has a similiar set-up and can help me!!!!!!
I found the washing machine drain pan at Lowes, but it was quite larger tahn what I was in need of(2x2x48) and did not see how I could cut it down to make it work. I think I am going to build a slide in/out drawer for mine a put a hole in that.
Hi Garfield,

That cage is huge. I love it, but it is very big. With the cabinet it is about 7 and a half feet tall by 32" by 30". Give or take an inch or two. Those drain pans only come in one size, unfortunately. My uncle built that cage for me, and I really don't see how it could ever be shipped. The top is over 5 feet tall, and the cabinet is 2 feet. And, there is the problem that he doesn't want to make any more. He is an artist who works with wood, and he stays busy with commisions.

Another good pan for using under a 2 by 2 cage is a plastic rabbit dropping pan. The only problem with it is the rounded corners.. you can't just set the cage into the tray.

Here is a thread about that cage when it was new: https://www.chameleonforums.com/new-cage-finally-here-778/

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