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I'm thinking of upgrading our generic cage from petsmart to one of the Dragon Strand Large enclosures. Does anyone have any experience with them? I'm curious about how much lighting and stuff I'll need to get after the new cage. Right now I have one of the light my reptiles lights. I'm also using an exo-terra monsoon mister. I'm just curious how people are heating and lighting the bigger enclosures.


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I have heard and read nothing but great things about the Dragon Strand cages. I purchased 2 of the XL Breeder series cages, they are supposed to ship at the last week of this month. You definitely need to check the build schedule or you might have to wait a little while to get your cage. The wait has kinda been easy on my wallet because I have been able to slowly get the rest of my husbandry instead of spending a lot of money at once lol. I plan on sending a pic of my setup once it’s finished to “light your reptiles” to see what Todd suggests.


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I have 3 Large Dragonstrand Clear Atriums and use the 36" long lights on each of them. I have just a tiny bit on each end that isn't covered by the UVB, however the way I have the cages planted they also can't hang out there. Hope this helps - they are totally worth the money as well as the wait! :D


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Yeah I did. I am still waiting on delivery on mine. But with everything I have read unless you are interested in redoing a cabinet this is a far superior enclosure. I chose to go with the ClearSide and a drip easy pan for mine. There is a wait time but you can click on the cart to see the current build schedules. I went with a quad t5 lightening for mine. Depending on what size t5 you are using now you may need to get a new one or a second that will go the rest of the length of the enclosure. Just depends on what you have now and which cage you purchase. If going to a 2x2x4 then you only need one heat lamp. If you go to the large ClearSide atrium you may want to do two basking spots depending on what kind of Cham you have. This is the same for misting nozzles it just depends on what size you get. I would do two or three in the large atrium and I’d you do the large you could do one or two. :)
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