Dragon ledges and bamboo to hang plants

I purchased some of the small diameter bamboo and my veiled has been fine on it. That said I use several different types of material and diameters so he doesn't always hold on to just the bamboo. I also never use bamboo for vertical sticks so as long as you plan for it or rough it up like @JacksJill said you should be fine.

I have not tried dragonledges but I have purchased the magnaturals ones and they have very strong magnets that hold on well but only hold 4" pots.
This is only for mounting purposes I will not use bamboos for perches. I should have been a little more clear on that.


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Looks great and would be a lot better then trying to put holes in the enclosure which can be great spots for little bugs to escape into my house......:cautious:
Honestly I don’t know if I scaled the instaed dragon ledges the right height it’s 7 inches from the top and 10 inches up after a It the bamboo sticks in for mounting plants:(
I was really hoping to be done with these 2 enclosures in the next few days so I could work on the Grandis (Giant Day Geckos) enclosure. Ahhh what to do lol...Kalua enclosure is still good thank God. The baby Lepard Geckos are up for grabs if anyone is interested...
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