Doubts about sex of furcifer pardalis


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Very unlikely this cham is 7 months old...
Just an estimate going off the info from when the eggs were laid (January) vs when the first started to hatch (August ish - September). I felt that was an overestimated age based on size.

I was taking a closer look and couldn't really see the bulge the tail seems flat and narrow so I was uncertain.

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The head looks like a male as well as colors. Females heads have a slightly different shape in them it seems.

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I think it's a male but hard to tell for sure because it's so young, I'd say not a day older than 3 months I think closer age to 2.5 months


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Saw this photo earlier and felt the tail looked more female. Want to be ready with lay bin if and when that time comes if that the case.
Happy that every else is thinking male. Most of the time he's not showing much color.
I see no bulge but honestly there are no clear picks of the tail here, time will tell.
Aging chameleons is not as simple as most people seem to think! Chameleons are not trees! You can not cut them in half and count their year rings as you can with a tree! (WARNING: Kids please do not try this at home, verbiage was purely chosen for dramatic affect). I know a keeper (a good, experienced keeper) with a little female chameleon that was hatched by that person allong with her brother! Her brother is a young adult and looks that age! She on the other hand is tiny and looks like she is about 2.5 months old. She is healthy, eats well, drinks well, is very active, has negative fecals, has the correct lighting, is getting the recommended and proven vitamin and mineral supplements............ is kept the same way as her brother... bla, bla, bla.... etc. Etc. Etc. So, why is she soooooooo much smaller? Who knows and feel free to tell that keeper she is doing something wrong and see if you survive to talk about it! Lol

Making strong, borderline aggressive judgements on chameleon age purely based on looks is not very logical! Camera angle, surrounding props (items in the picture) etc. can also all alter our perspective as the observer.

This is why I do not usually join in on age related discussions. Too much gray area and too much risk for offending people!

The person was not asking age, they were asking what sex we think the chameleon is! My answer: ambiguous, let's give it more time and try again!

I plead the 5'th.



as already said you will be more certain with age.. but im calling female right now based on pics.


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Bit of an update , but first I want to state that I appreciate everyone's Input and advise. And am grateful to have this forum as a utility for insight and knowledge.
Second I feel like the answer is clear now with all the post shed colors. I'm so in love with the reds coming in especially around the eyes.
So I just scheduled a preliminary vet visit which they said was required to conduct a fecal exam ( nothing is wrong just want to have a good relationship with a local exotic vet before I need one) I have posted some other photos in random threads and am still learning the ins and out of the forums. Like finding my own threads on the menus lol.
Had a full shed this week (second under my care I'm so thrilled)
Here are two more recent photo with colors being displayed. Still haven't pushed handling so the vet visit is going to be a real experience.


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