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i got my cham from petsmart in February and i have just recently tried to hold him but he doesnt run away, he stays put and opens his mouth, and flares his beard while swaying back in forth. i got him on a stick and out of the cage but i don't know if i should put him on me yet. the real question- should i do this a few more times for him to get a little more used to it, or just go for it.


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It's up to you...if you just go for it, you might get bit. We associate our hand with food. It takes time and lots of patience, but I can walk up to the cage whenever I want and he will walk right on to my hand. I have heard that panthers are a little more laid back than some of the other chams, but it depends on their personality :)


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I think you should try to hand feed him so that he/she can associate you with food then he/she will get used to you. What type of chameleon is it? Petsmart is not the best place to get a chameleon from they never hold them and they do not take care of them right at all.


Try putting on gloves. I did this with Rebel and it worked. I also put a ficus tree next to his cage while it was open and when he left his cage to explore his tree I moved the tree away from the cage and slowly put my flat hand under his chin and pushed under his body until he stepped onto my hand. We now pick him up out of his cage. He opens his mouth, hisses, and kida lunges at our hand but he won't bit us. Just be patient and he should come around. Hope this helps..:D
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