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i just cleaned my veilds cage and put him back in from outside....right when he got in he pooped of course...his urate came out as a liquid blob type was mostly white but had a yellow tint....i kno that the urates are supposed to be solid but this time it is not...should i be concerned??what should i do?any help is appreciated
thank you!!
Did you feed him something different in his diet? Also you said you brought him in from outside....does he have access to wild bugs when he is outside and can eat something that you are unaware of? Just a thought. A yellowish urate is ok, it just means your cham might be a little bit dehydrated. Just make sure he is drinking and you are providing enough water. Some times parasites can cause a watery feces, but not saying that is what it is. I would wait and see what his next poop looks like and if the condition persists, then I would get a fecal done on the poop to make sure there are no problems with parasites.
there is no way he could have ate some outside bug...he is in an all screen cage when he is outside...i have been feeding off hornworms and silks....and a couple of butter was the first time ive used those...
you said you were feeding all worms? Have you been feeding any crickets, roaches, superworms, something with a harder outer exoskeleton?
Chameleon Info:
Your Chameleon - veild chameleon, been in my care for about 10 him when he was a baby
Handling - only when cleaning or bringing him out for some sun
Feeding - crickets,hornworms,butterworms and silkies. dont really kno the amount, made a cricket holder for inside the cage and throw in a couple everyday,large crickets i gut load with flukers gut load and a whole buch of different greens,some mango and some orange,im a cook and get a wide viarity of greens to gutload with.
Supplements - stickytounge farms indoor every other feeding and zoomed repti calcium with d3 once a week
Watering -spray bottle every day in the morning for about 5 min,a big dripper,and a zoomed habba spitter wich is set to go on every 3 hours for one minute? i see him drink somtimes but is not an everyday thing as i am at work during his awake time...
Fecal Description - dark brown/black poop and white with some yellow tint. has never been tested.
History - got him from lll reptile in escondido when he was about a month or 2 old..
Cage Info:
Cage Type - all screen 2x2x4 lll reptile cage
Lighting -2 baking spots using 60 watt house bulbs and one liner reptisun 5.0 bulb for uvb/uva
Temperature - 75 ambient temp and 85 to 90 in basking spots Lowest overnight temp is around 65-70degrees.use a digital temp/humidity guage
Humidity - ranges from 50 - 60%. have a habba spitter and a big dripper/live plants(2)
Plants - i use a ficus and one hibuscs
Placement -cage is in my room,im at work all day and only see him for about 15 min in the morning and when i get home is usually asleep.cage is super high and just about touches the ceiling
Location - escondido, CA

Current Problem - watery urates,just like a blob that is not connected to his poop...poop looks good,firm and dark, no visible cricket skeletons or anything...pretty uinform
You should fill out everything in the form, for everyone to be able to help you better. Also when you said two basking spots does that mean your reptisun 5.0 is a coil bulb?
I know when I started feeding my guy silkies and hornworms, his urates were liquid too (looked like bird poop). So IMO, you should be ok. I also freaked out a bit when this happend to Camo but like I said, you should be ok :).
The only thing I can see that needs changing is your supplements and your basking temp could be a little lower. you are feeding Sticky Tongue Farms Indoor which CONTAINS d3, cause I have the outdoor forumula which does not. Please check your label!. You need the outdoor forumula which has no d3 and is just plain calcium and minerals. You are giving too much d3 and if you are putting him out in the sun on top of it, then you are way overloading your chameleon on d3. Figure it out, you are giving the other d3 four times a month and the sticky tongues probably 4 times a week X 4 or 5 depending on the weeks in that month. Also, you should be giving your chameleon a multivitamin a couple times a month also. Just because your chameleon looks healthy on the outside does not mean everything is good on the inside. Just like people. Over supplementation can cause organ damage. As far as the watery urate, you said the poop was solid, so am not sure why the poop would not be runny also. Kidneys produce the urate so maybe there is something going on there. I would immediately cut back on the d3 especially if he is getting natural sunlight. Also, you only really need one basking spot. If you want more light in the cage use a 20 watt or something.
thanks for the help.yeah he has crickets in there too and some supers...i will deff cut back on the d3!!what multivit should i use there are so many out there...and how often should i ues in conjunction with the sticktoung farms vit all??
I use the repcal herptivite multivitamin. Use it a couple of times a month. If you are gutloading your crickets and feeders good then it is just a little added precaution to ensure that your cham is getting vitamins. Get a plain calcium also if you don't have one and use that to dust your feeders daily. I forget how old your cham is, but around a year old you should be cutting back your feedings to every other day. Feed about 6 feeders or so. So use your regular calcium then(You can get sticky tongue farms outdoor(no d3) and the repcal herptivite at LLL They sell all the supplements on line if you cannot find them at your pet store. Use your Repcal with d3 two or three times a month also. How often is your cham getting out for natural sunlight.
oh sweet thanks...he only goes out for a couple of hours on the weekends when i clean his prob like 4 or 5 hours sat and sun combined. he is about a year now...and i live in escondido like half a mile away from lllreptile so ill go over there and pick that stuff up today...i am concerned about dusting because i put dusted crickets in his cage and if he does not eat them right away(he never does anymore) it looks like the powder comes off...when i get home from work none of the crix look like they have any on them. and is it normal for veilds to eat less as they get older,it seems like he really slowed down, he used to run to the bottom of the cage to pick off crickets when he was younger but now does not even seem to care, and it seems like more crickets die then he eats, i put about a dozen at a time and more than half seem to die before he has a chance to eat them..should i "reset" him by not feeding for a couple days then start over with every other day feedings?

i know this was long so thank you for reading and helping.
ok, at a year old you should be cutting back his feeding to every other day. Feed him about 6 large crickets. Alot of chams including mine, get tired of crickets it seems for whatever reason. You need to offer him some other types of foods. Yes, they will sometimes eat less because they are bored and tired of the same old food! Have you tried silkworms or hornworms? You can order them from Mulberry Farms or Coastal silkworms. They are both in California. By the way, I cannot get mine to eat crickets at all. He just hates them!!!
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