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  1. pearlvision

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    I bought my cham, Pearl, from Petco. He seemed fine but I knew that he would’ve died faster. Today, my mother went to mist him. He was on the floor DEAD. We kept him at the correct temperature and humidity 24/7. He wasn’t eating so we tried to force feed him. Nothing. He didn’t eat. He acted fine, though. I’m going to Petco to return his dead body and get a refund. WE ONLY HAD HIM FOR 2 WEEKS!! This problem was not just with the cham. I bought fish and they died in 1 week. It’s just sad that he didn’t get to live for 6-8 years, only 4 months.
  2. Monta

    Monta Established Member

    Sooo sorry ! It’s always best to join Forums like this to get information we need to raise these beautiful creatures. These brick-and-mortar companies really don’t care about animals only profits. So if we stop buying...just maybe their stop selling. We can only hope :mad:
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    The same happens to me , me cham was from petco I don't now if I can blame the store but ..... they was sure about the care & the instructions that they gived to me...everything was right with him but 4 moths and half he became to get so so sick we take care of him all this time like always , he was on a treatment with a specialist exotic vet for 3 weeks , was only 5 months old , now my poor baby cham is dead too :( so sorry for your lost I know what you feel mine dies this Sunday :(
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  4. Monta

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    I’m sorry for your loss too:(
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  5. pearlvision

    pearlvision New Member

    thank you guys!! i understand, losing a cham is so hard :( i already bought everything so i’ll probably get another from a different place. Any good places that you bought from? i don’t mind if it’s online. Also, i went to petco today and they blamed ME for putting him at the wrong temperature!!! they told me today that he was supposed to be at 78°. First of all, he was at 78°. Second of all, they didn’t tell me this when i bought him! i had to search it up :mad:
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  6. Monta

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    What are you looking for ? I assuming yours was a Vieled Cam from Petco? Personally I don’t know anyone. I have a Panther from Kammerflage located in Carona California. I live Ohio and they shipped mine overnight.i’m sure Someone will help you. their are sponsors on this website too. Do you have a picture of your cage setup? You can also check for local reptile shows in your area. Also a lot of breeders are members here, and should have what your looking for.
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  7. kinyonga

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    @pearlvision be sure to clean the cage out well before getting a new chameleon just in case there was something that could be passed on to the new one.
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  8. pearlvision

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    thanks monta! i will look into Kammerflage. i will take a picture in the morning since it’s almost 11 for me. if it helps, i have a net cage from reptibreeze. Also, yes i did get a veiled cham that was only a baby.
  9. pearlvision

    pearlvision New Member

    @kinyonga yes i will be sure to clean it out. I will clean it out throughly a couple times and leave it outside for a couple days.
  10. Graves923

    Graves923 Avid Member is another great breeder. I got my Male veiled from there with no issues.

    When/if you get you need chameleon, be sure to check out the resource page here on the forums. There are a ton of great articles you help you with care and general knowledge.
  11. GreenChameleons

    GreenChameleons Established Member

    If you want another Jackson’s I’ll have some born in about 5 months or so but I like to keep them for at least 6 months...just a heads up
  12. Carlos210

    Carlos210 New Member

    The same thing happened to me last night She was eating fine and just starting to shed eveything seemed to be okay until yesterday I came home and she was dead I only had her for almost 3 weeeks . I had some moss in there but I took out before she could get to it once I found out it was harmful but she never liked the bottem of her cage so she was never down there but anyway I'm sorry for your loss @pearlvision
  13. OldChamKeeper

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    I saw the title of the topic and simply thought “no shit” before scrolling past it. Good luck with the next one
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  14. carol5208

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    Lol. Unfortunately, there will always be people just figuring this out. It will never end until they stop selling them.
  15. Carlos210

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    I just bought these crickets three days ago and I gave the to my chameleon and she died and a day later all the crickets died ?? Tell me there's not somthing wrong with that ??? I'm thinking about going to the store I bought the crickets at and say somthing cause this was super Messed up

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    Never buy from a pet store. They're clueless killers.

    Try this site, instead:

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