Does This Happen To Anyone Else?

The Wild One

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Does this happen to anyone else when they use the hose to clean something? Or just use the hose at all? :LOL:


Chameleon Enthusiast
My Beastie (yes, that’s his name) freaks out if I even try to go to the back yard without him. Using the hose is a massive challenge with him. He loves the hose! 84 lbs of dog in super hyper drive taking running leaps at the spray and at the nozzle in my hand, therefore me & just about knocks me down. He once tried to get the hose to work on his own...shredded hose pieces all over the yard. Lol. Can’t find the video of his hose acrobatics but here is a pic of my big baby.


All 4 of our dogs, yup yup yup!
The Calico cat (goddess, She who must be obeyed, etc.) DEMANDS drinks from the faucet as well.
Loki (one of our Arabs) also loves to play with the water hose, go figure - Arabians are supposed to hate water ?.
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