Does Pascal look okay? *new owner


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Hello Everyone,

I'm a new chamelon owner of my lovely friend Pascal. I've had him about a week, and come to find out my enclosure is much too small, and I need real plants.

With that being said, he's upgrading within the next few weeks to a giant mesh enclosure with a weeping ficus and a Yucca with new uvb lights above, so that is happening shortly.

Anywho, I just want to make sure he's healthy, and looks healthy.
He gets crickets every other day with some superworms, I just began sprinkling the crickets with multi vitamin and calcium. And I was told to do this every two weeks. His terrarium currently sucks, so I'm aware of that.

Overall. Does he look okay?

Thanks much


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Welcome to the forum and the world of chameleons!

Nice looking chameleon!

If you answer the questions in the how to ask for help thread near the top of the health forum we can go over your husbandry for you!


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Its a weeping fig, that I have haha, and the yucca I've read is also okay.
Here are my vitamins
I would not personally use a yucca plant. They can be quite sharp and do not provide real branches to hide in. They also are better suited to dry environments.
Be careful where you get info from. A lot of it is incorrect. The website I gave you is an up to date site with all accurate info.

Your supplements will work. The calcium is a plain without D3 calcium. This is to be used at all feedings except two times a month say the 1st and the 15th you will use the multivitamin. The multivitamin should not be used more then that.
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