does my chameleon look healthy?


I got my chameleon about a month ago and he doesn't seem to eat very much. he is very slow to catch his food also. he is drinking all the time. i think he is about 4.5 months old. i have only seen him shed 1 time. he took about 3 days to fully shed. just looks a little skinny to me. just want to know what you guys thought.


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His head pads could be fatter. He looks okay other wise. Are you feeding a variety of feeders? Some chameleons get really picky and wont eat certain foods if they get it often. Silkworms, hornworms, roaches, house and blue bottle flies, butterworms, superworms, and the occational mealworm or waxworm are all good for variety. I would try to at least get 5 different bugs in there though.
yes, im feeding him crickets, super worms, wax worms. im trying both free range feeding and from a cup. he was eating a couple of super worms from my hand a day and a couple of crickets. but he doesn't seem to want super worms any more. he wont even attempt to eat the wax worms. i dust whatever i feed him with rep-cal calcium without d3. i have a repti-glo 5.0 uvb. and i have a 50w ceramic heater for his basking. i just turned it off because it was getting a little hot. its at about 82 in his cage. my house is a constant 78. he just ate his first wax worm though! must have got hungry. and i also have a little dripper going all the time.
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