Does Kammerflage Kreations have payment plans?


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I imagine not, but I was pretty curious because I tried to look this up myself, but got no answers. I'd like to pre-order a baby once they get new ones up on sale, which will give me time to set up a cage and whatnot.
So I'm asking this to those who have bought from them before. Do kammerflage kreations offer a payment plan of some sort? Or do they perhaps have you put a down payment down so you can pay the rest (before the chameleon is ready to be shipped)?


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Not sure about them. But most Breeders will have you put down a deposit and then around a week before they are old enough to ship the breeder will reach you to you and request the remaining balance.

Klyde O'Scope

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The best way to find out would be to contact Kammerflage directly and ASK them.
They may have started something like that between when others bought from them and now.
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