Does anyone use cuttlebone as a calcium supplement?


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Have been wondering this because it's pure calcium with a few vitamins and it's pretty cheap! Or what does everyone use as a calcium supplement?

Brad Ramsey

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Although a fine source of calcium, a cuttlebone would present you with some work.
In order to administer the calcium you would need to grind it into a very fine powder and dust your insects with it.
Most of us use a calcium supplement like Repcal because this has already been done for us. Repcal is finely ground oyster shell.
Additionally, dark leafy greens are a great source of calcium but only if you are keeping a species that will eat them (I don't believe you are).



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i use the cuttlebone for the feeders to eat, i keep a cuttlebone in the roach bin, cricket bin, sow bugs etc. i figure even if they eat alittle it cannot help with the calcium.
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