Does anyone know what kind of plant this is?


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I found this super cool plant but I have no idea what it is! The tag just said “burgundy”. The store didn’t know either 🙄 and is it chameleon safe? The leaves are really heavy duty so I feel it would be really nice to add to the enclosure. Thanks in advance!


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Burgundy rubber plant?
If is a problem for chameleons.
@xxaprilrose ...
Looks like Ficus elastica to me, but you know my eyes.
Some sites say no; others say yes. The concern is the sap, but is it an irritant to chameleons? IDK. 🤷‍♂️
Many plants are considered toxic to animals/pets, but chameleons—even veileds—are ok with them (e.g. Golden pothos)


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I've had this plant in my backyard for 10 years and I've never seen any sap. I believe you would need to cut into it to get that.
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