Do Trioceros deremensis drop slugs?


She is a wild caught that I got a little over a month ago and have left in a laying bin just in case she was gravid or whatnot even though I was pretty sure she wasn't. Today though when I was cleaning I noticed something wet in the bin and when I picked it up I found it was a thick, clear, mucous blob. I would've posted a picture but I couldn't take one that didn't look like a blob of sand. It was viscous enough that I could hold it in two fingers and it stayed in blob form. I fingered through it and couldn't find anything other than sand and mucus.

So my question is does T. deremensis drop slugs or should I be posting this in the health forum?
Yeah I was pretty sure of that but figured it'd be better to ask. Is there any reason the urate would be clear and thick?
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