Do I have this right?


So according to the Kammers Panther care sheet.. A juvenile thats 4 mnths the basking should be 90-95, for adults higher.
There is nothing about humidity levels in the sheet so I need an idea there.,

The bedroom is 76-78 is that okay(basically no night drop but If i turn off the basking it will be room temps)..

Mist 2 times a day plus a dripper morning and afternoon.

It also doesnt say how often to feed.Is twice a day good(morning and early afternoon) or all at once in the morning?

I have been looking at the weather averages in Madagascar and they dont get beyond low 90s and the lowest at night is 65.
Panthers and Veileds are kind of close in care. I wouldn't have my Veiled's basking any above 84ish right now at 6 1/2 months.
Actually I just checked and it's 85.something, time to bring my cooling fan back into my room now that temps are going up (I have no AC in my room :eek: it's an old house).
I have a kammer cham also. They do bask their chams higher than on the forum here. I noticed my cham gaping with the basking bulb I had gotten from them which was 100 watt so I changed it to like a 60 as I felt the temps were too high. My adult panther basks at about 90 and when he is outside in the sun it is higher than that where I live in fla. Just watch for gaping and lower your temps if so.
All feeding should be done early enough so they have at least 4 hours to digest while the lights are on. I do all feeding once in the morning so they have plenty of time to digest.
The temps seem to be a bit confusing.Ive gone to several sites and everyone has a different temp for basking.Some say 85 for juvies some say 95-100(one site said this). so if I put the temp gun directly over the branch under the basking light it should read 90.So if the little guy sits there his back will be higher up and probably hotter by a few degrees.Does that sound about right?
If I find him gaping I will lower to 88ish and see how it goes?
I will probably splice in a dimmer on the basking light so I can adjust it easier.

Now how many inches from the UVB should I have the branch? Was it like 6-8 inches?
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