Do chams sneeze?


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:confused: hey guys, this morning when i woke murphy up, she climbed from her little tree and planted herself on her branch near her favorite spot, shortly after this, i watched her (what it looked like) take a few deep breaths then apear to yawn, opening her mouth wide as if she was stretching. is this an indication of some health problem or just an innocent morning thing?

Hi Jamie,

This is probably the morning yawn.. stretch.. absorb heat thing that chameleons often do. Chameleons release heat from basking by opening their mouths, which is what you could be seeing. I see similar behavior after my chameleons have had a chance to soak up some heat from the basking lights in the morning. However, it could also be an indication of a health problem. Upper respiratory infections often show themselves by open mouthed breathing, thick saliva, yawning (gasping), and a popping noise when the chameleon breaths. If your chameleon continues to show this behavior when she isn't basking, or has some of the other symptoms listed above, you may want to have a vet examine her. If it turns out it is a URI, as with any chameleon illness, a complete review of your husbandry would be in order.

My veiled does exactly what you're describing every morning.
Sometimes two or three yawns, big stretches and it occasionally finishes with an all over body shudder.
The shudder worried me but after asking about it on the forums, I discovered other veileds behave the same way.

Thanks for the advice,

ive been watching her for a while this morning and she doesnt seem to have any of the symptoms u described for UrI, she feeding well and is exploring her tank. ive recently ordered a 100g flaxarium and should be with me tomorrow so will be reading up on the various live plants i can use for her. Again guys, sorry to ask so many questio but she's my first and wanna do everything i can to make her happy,
apreciated, Jamie
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