Do chameleons need full darkness to sleep?


Marvin closes his eyes and seems to be out when I have my led room lights on half brightness which isn’t that bright for me. Do I need to invest in a cage cover or will he be fine with dim lights? He seems to be sleeping easily with them on but I put a sheet over it to block out some light hopefully.


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Yeah so I am a believer in them having total darkness. This is what I have. I sewed little hooks on the black out curtain and then got those hooks that have the pull off tape to remove them to put those on the top edge of my frame.



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I do not cover the top but my left side I unhook when I go to bed so he has full airflow. Just don’t use an overhead light and your good.


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Personally i have mine quite close to my desk with my bright ass keyboard/monitor so you could always just cover whatever part is getting the most light. personally i cover 2 of the 4 sides with a light blue trash bag that i cut up and taped on. But ultimately i believe they should be in almost complete darkness but there’s always ways to cut corners and make sure they get a solid 12/12 cycle
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