Do chameleons kind of space out while pooping?


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My one year old female veiled cham probably eats like 5 mealworms and 3 crickets a day. Today she went to poop and she kind of spaced out? Mouth wide open and eyes closed. It all came out but I was really scared for a second because she seemed to fall limp on her branch. Came back to her senses after, though. Is this normal?

I keep her in a half-screen half-glass enclosure with a mister on during the day. Humidity is about 50-80% throughout the day.


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Could you fill out the ask for help form (link in my signature below), please? As well as posting a picture of your enclosure and cham?


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Mine have a look of intense concentration that seems to be common to many species across the animal kingdom but what your describing is excessive. A review of your husbandry might reveal something that could help.


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First thing to come to mind is the mealworms may be the cause. They have a higher level of chitin than superworms, and therefore should not be used. A 1 year old should have more variety as well - try some hornworms or silk worms, but I think a review of your husbandry should be done as well. Also, at 1 she doesn't have to eat every day and should be eating every other day instead. Feeding females too much will cause larger egg production in them and shorten their lifespans.
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