DIY Vivarium Bio In progress!

Hey first post here but just want to say Greeting Chameleon Community!!!! Im currently setting up my enclosure thats going to be a bio dude inspired vivarium. I plan on housing a panther Chameleon in this enclosure and its definitly going to be alot of work but I know its going to turn out absolutely stunning and amazing habitat for the future newest member of my fam! I actually plan on getting a female and male and housing one on the left side and the other on the right side since its a symmetrical unit. I already have a room in my house that i will be bringing this entertainment center into to make into a reptile paradise lol. No longer going to have a tv on it im thinking maybe in the middle of setting up a couple seperate dart frog enclosures or maybe go something else but im going to stick to getting this vivarium set up because its going to take a few weeks to get going but its the winter months here in the midwest so i really didnt want to purchase the panther chameleon till it gets a lil warmer out. Anyways heres the pic of the enclosure im doing, just wondering if anyones got any recommendations but ive watched so many videos already that ive got a great understanding of whats safe and whats not safe for a panther chameleon. I def want to make this an absolutely beautiful home for the chameleon to thrive in for its entire life. Its going to be lined with pond shield that ive already purchased and starting sanding the wood inside to a 60 grit to prepare for the pond shield. kgfuturevivariumrightside.jpgkgfuturevivariumleftside.jpg
ive seen these usb fans that look like might help with circulation and i plan taking the glass pannels out of the front and lining it with screen. i know circulation is going to be key and the humiditiy levels have to be spot on.
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