DIY New Veiled enclosure


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My fiance just finished one of my new enclosures! My two little guys will be separtated tomorrow. Here's the picture! I'm thinking I might have to add more cover. But it's 4 foot high, by 3 foot high, and 2 foot deep. Kermit is going to love it.


Here's the one that Rango my other veiled is going to stay in for a little longer than have a 2x2x4 for him. He doesn't cup feed yet



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Your fiance did a nice job on the enclosure. Just add some vine and horizontal branches for your lillte guy to climb on. What type of plants are you using? May sure they are on the safe plant list.


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I have checked both of the plants. One is a type of dracaena, and the other is a sword fern. There's some grape vine in there but, I'm going to add more. I have some of those bendable reptile vines, and bamboo rods.
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