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I want to build a enclosure for my 1 year old chameleon. I was thinking of a 2"X3"X5" enclosure, but I cannot find any information on diy cages. I was looking on here and have seen others with hand-built enclosures. I was wondering if ya'll can give me a little advise on the subject. Thanks...
hey hows it going I am personally building a 2x2x4 enclosure out of screen I am not sure what you are building yours from butt I can tell you if you are going to use screen buy one already built it is almost the same in price and will save you time try I think thats the right sight
Yeah I am going to use screen. I was thinking of going to lowes tonight to look at all the supplys. Did you make yours out of wood? If so what kind of wood and what size did you use? The link you gave me didn't work, it took me to or something. Thanx. I was wondering if anyone else has information or any diagrams to help.
im currently looking at building my second cage my 3x3x2 is gettig too small. im trying to make a 5x3x2. its alot more fun to do it yourself because you can make your own customizations along the way. You can make your own drainage and the way the door opens. Its alot easier for you.
...try I think thats the right sight

I think that was meant to be

I bought one of theirs as well as the 2x2x4 size that places like sell. I must say that I've never found another supplier with the wonderful screen material that offers. They have a 1/8"x1/8" (normally 1/16") screen material that is manufactured with a thin coating of a very durable enamel or epoxy paint. That coating makes the screen feel a bit softer to the touch. The 1/8"x1/8" hole diameter isn't offered by anyone else. Your critter won't ever snag a nail on it and it is also easier to view your critter through it. I think it is worth the extra ~$25 you'll pay to get one of their 2x2x4 enclosures vs. the other mfgr's type. That screen is a free option. When I bought mine, they also offered an option (extra charge) for a 2nd door at the bottom for easy cleaning access. You want that extra door charge or no charge.

I own many of the LLLReptile type enclosures. They are fine too except that you can't get that GREAT screen!

thanks dave fat fingered another one. I used the aluminum sreen and the aluminum framing material that holds the screen I should have used wood probably oh well
I built a 7 foot tall, 4 feet wide, and 3 feet deep cage with 2x2's and fiberglass mesh screens for under 75 bucks. I wanna say it was around 55 bucks. It took maybe 2 days to build and has a full size door in the front. The bottom is made of paneling also. Its in my avatar if you have any questions.
Sounds like a real nice cage. Can you post some larger pictures so we can see how you did yours?

That is at least 56 feet of 2X2's. In my area pine 2x2's are hard to come by and the stores that do carry them charge too much for them - not to mention that they are badly warped. Last month I found a lumber yard that had them in oak (I think, and they were nice and solid, but were really expensive)!

Did you rip the 2x2's yourself? I used over 130 feet of 2x2's in my last enclosure and cut them out of pine 2X10X8s on a 99 dollar table saw and they came out surprisingly strait. If I would have purchased the lumber already cut it would have cost me a small fortune.

Either way, things can add up pretty quick when you include the hardware such as L-brackets, deck screws, FRP sheets, ½ X 1 inch pvc coated mesh, etc... but nothing beats a home-made custom cham cage.
I have a thread in photography forum. Its titled my cage. I used the L shaped brackets on mine. And my whole front is a full swinging door. I have 2 fake trees in the at the moment but plan on putting a hybiscus in there in place of a fake one. I used 8 pieces of 8 foot 2x2s and cut them to size using a skill saw.
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Went to Lowes

Okay so I went to Lowes and added up the cost. Here it is for my 2X3X6 cage. This is also in Texas so prices are cheaper here I think. What do you think?

9 1X2X6 = $27.00
2 1X2X4 = $4.00
1 1/4X2X4 BOTTOM PIECE = $7.00
SEALER = $10.00
8 L-BRACKETS = $16.00
3 HINGES = $6.00
2 LATCHES = $4.00
4 1X1 TILES = $5.00
SCREWS = $10.00
SCREEN = _______ aprx. $25.00

TOTAL = $114.00
This is because I already have the tools to do so.

The only thing I cant find is good screen. Can any one tell me what screen you used on your cage, or a great one to use?
I used a fiberglass mesh screen from lowes. It comes in 4 feet rolls in a box i believe. The crickets will chew through it but i feed him those by hand and it doesnt melt with my 150watt heat lamp sitting directly on it either.
If you guys need cheeper lumber, go to Lowes and ask if they have "Cull lumber" its lumber that is either split or knot holes or slightly twisted... I work at Lowes and we sell the cull lumber for 75% off.... I built my cage from cull lumber and it measures 81 inches tall 32 inches wide and 24 inches deep, I built a storage compartment for my Crickets and sprayer and all that jazz, also i have added electrical outlets to the underside storage area for a heat light for incubation and 3 outlets on top of cage for lights to plug into, also on the side of my cage i added 3 switches for the heat lights uvb and nightlight....See Chameleon Condo post of mine....i was seriously throwing the idea of building total screen enclosure with the patio repair parts in lowes screen isle, they had aluminum rails corners and screen that measured 4ftx7ft buy a few extra corners and you could make 2 sides per package.....if you are still working on this i can get you item numbers you can look at at the store... cya
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