DIY enclosures.?

Here is what I made for my Jackson's chameleon:

Lots of work but lots of fun, too. It took about 4 weekends total.

Cost? About $400 in supplies I think, including cabinet, plants, wood, hardware, screen, etc, maybe a little more. I already had some plants, the mistking, lots of vines, and other cage accessories. I stole the sticks from some random yard on the side of the street :)
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about $250

I am about to make a detailed walk through of the materials used, where to get them and how I assembled them. I had a few ideas that I have not seen much discussion about that saved me quite a lot time and money. I still have some rough edges and loose ends that need finishing touches but all in all it is reliably functional.
Any way, I've attached a handful of pictures that give a rough idea of how it will look when finished.

Oh, btw you should be aware that this set up is only capable of 30"width MAX and 30"+ with additional parts that do not come with the stand. The stand I used is a 30$ pvc patio rack available at home depot and lowes and assumably most hardware stores. Which I am currently developing a method to screen the rack itself while keeping electrical components safe and away from the water. The enclosure and light sockets came in a kit together on amazon for 85$. These two items saved the bulk of the final costs as I have wasted a few hundred building wood or aluminum cages. Aluminum window frames and pvc coated screen are preferred by a lot of this sites members but extremely difficult to build...I enjoy the convenience of the the lower flap for easy substrate removal/sanitizing plastic. However the more experienced chams owners like to build out of 1x1 or 1x2 siding material and clamp it between a piece of flat trim with staples or screws. I assume an extra set of hands and wood working tools are a part of most diy cages. I do not have those luxuries.

This is far from perfect as I will probably have to spend another 100 on an additional enclosure whenever my babies quit getting along, however this would be excellent for housing a single cham in 30x30, which is arguably NOT an ideal size for an adult. or ideally 30x"48" if you can afford the extra legs to increase the height.


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Billy Joe and Bobby Sue

Here are the babies living together in that enclosure.


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