Dimming light timers


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I once came across a timer that also had a dimming function, so that you could simulate dawn/dusk on your lights.

I can't seem to find it on the 'net now though... Has anyone ever used anything like this?
Flourescent bulbs can not be dimmed. At least not yet. A new invention has been patent in America that will change that. When this technology will be available public I am unsure. There are dimmers/timers on the market but once a flourescent bulb drops so much in voltage it just shuts off.
Yeah, I figured as much. But the dimmer could still be used to provide a more gradual warming up and cooling down period on the heat bulbs.
It's not something that I think is essential, but it seemed like a neat idea at the time I saw it.
Yeah that is a good idea. That would be more natural then BAM it is on. The flourescent is pretty soft light anyway. I thought about this more after I read this post and an idea ran threw my head. Perhaps offering two basking lamps on the opposite side of the cages. One coming on with the dimmer slowly on one side. After it starts to dim away at 4 or 5 hours gradually bring on the other light in a slow fashion. If over lapped correctly this could simulate a mid day effect. After an hour or so the other light could just be on. I guess it would be hard to get right. Alot of measurements of the whole cage would have to be done to make sure it does not get to hot. Veileds have a pretty high range anyway.

fluorescents have been dimmable for years. You simply need a controller for the purpose that ramps them up and down. To get them to ramp up smoothly you will need to use grounding planes on the bulbs to level the arc out through the tube. Most controllers are only compatible with electronic ballast and tend to work better with VHO tubes but it can be done. I have used this model for years with all my reef aquariums. Very cool device. The 1000 also has the ability to control fans, lights, heaters, measure temp and humidity with the right probes and will X10 into your PC, you name it. The applicable use is the same for a terrarium as an aquarium as all the controller does is turn off and on plugs, you can plug anything in. The 1000 also simulates seasons.

Cool stuff.
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