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I brought in my cages from outside today and found three little ones hangin from the roof of mamas cage. We pulled her plant out and started digging down. We found 30 eggs total with 10 babies out at the bottom of the plant. Instead of diggin up eggs, this time we were digging up live babies. The other interesting part was is that the eggs were not pipped on the ends, they came out the middle of the egg on a few.



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It seem no mater how much exsprence we have as a keeper,the chams always have somthing new to teach/show us. Congrads on the new babies!

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I didnt know. She was mated early this year to Armageddon, but I had assumed she never caught. They are Nosy Faly babies, and alive and thriving at that. Since the eggs were pulled out about an hour ago, five more have emerged. Just glad I got to them before she did.

never knew she laid did ya? ;)

what kind of babies?


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Never a dull day when keeping chams.:) But at least this is a good surprise. Hope they are all healthy for you. congrats.

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Now thats some gardening I wouldnt mind doing bro! Glad you found em first too. Those would have turned into the most exp feeders ever. lol

Is Armageddon on your site yet? Im gonna go have a look at him.
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