Different positioning of spot light...O.K?


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Can my basking spot light be positioned so that it shines in thru the side of the cage rather than from the top of the cage? I have positioned a vine perch which allows my C. to bask on the side of the cage.

I know that the standard set-up is having the basking spot light resting on top of cage, However, I would like to know if it is O.K to have my basking spot light positioned so that the light is shining thru one side of my cage set-up. I have positioned a vine perch which allows my C. to bask on the lighted side of the cage. Is that acceptable? If it isn't, I'll change it to the top but let me know your reasoning for your opinion.

Cristine, many "reptile bulbs" are designed to give off "directional heat", meaning that it is projected directly below the bulb in a straight line, and not so much out to the sides. This would make it more difficult to give off a nice temperature varience that goes from a warm top cage, to a medium middle, and a cool bottom.

Also, another thing to think about is that the lifespan of bulbs are reduced enormously when they are on their sides. Many brands use to advetise this, but stopped- thought I still am quite sure that still affects the bulb life.
Thanks for the feedback!

Hi Will,
Your feedback about positioning the basking lamp on top of the cage makes a lot of sense! I will re-position the lamp!

My pleasure Christine. Just my opinion, but it made sense to me.

In the wild I suppose that during the early morning and the late neeon evening the sun would be at an angle that the heat would come from the side, but I'm thinking in the wild most species would be basking vuring the morning and peek sunlight hours and arent worrying about the dropping temperature.
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