Different food for 2 mo jacksons?


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I have a baby jacksons and I've fed her fruit flies before, but they are a hassle and I would dump 10 in and swear she would only eat 2 and I'd see the other crawling on the bottom of the enclosure. Now I am feeding her the smallest of small live crickets and she LOVES them! and let me go ahead and say, I am a NEW chameleon owner, so if this question has already been answered, lead me to the correct thread.

MY question is what else can I feed her at that size. I've heard mealworms and waxworms but at the pet store they are all in cans so I can't see how big they are and of course, are already dead. Are these worms small enough. Do you have suggestions on a site to order worms from?


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I have 1.1 Jacksons, and 12 little neonate Jacksons that are just over a week old.

I started my babies out on fruit flies- a hassle but a decent feeder for the really little guys.
Pinheads were next.
Other feeders I add at around 3-4 weeks and over are as follows:
Silkworms (buy eggs-much more cost effective. Hatch them out and BAM baby food)
Dubia Roaches (baby ones!)
Mealworms & Waxworms as snacks (high in fat and hard to digest)

Usually a chameleon won't hunt something that is already dead... So those packages of dead meals dont really work well unless you are very persistent.

Remember, nothing bigger than the width between their eyes!

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I have personally ordered from:
Ghanns Crickets (crickets, supplies, etc)
LLL Reptile (everything!)
The Silkworm Shop (silkworms, fruit flies, mantis')
Coastal Silkworms (silkworms, hornworms)
And many more! (some of these are sponsors, some are not)
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as said, do not buy caned/dead worms - they will not eat them
all the little foods suggested are great starters also flies are great - you can also order those online as well - just get the smaller ones - I think "stable" flies - or house flies, but not the blue bottle - they are quite big for a baby -
here is a care sheet on Jacksons if you have not already read it over, its very helpful :)


and here is a great vid/ on baby jax - long, but very good info made by one of the forum members :)



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Phoenix worms are a great item to add to a baby chams diet. They do come in 1/8" size which your jacksons can eat right away.

I would personally stay away from Mealworms entirely and Supers once in a while when she gets older.


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terrestrial isopods
small mealworms
baby superworms
baby silkworms
bean beetles
fruit flies
small crickets
nymphs of the small types of roaches
soldier fly maggots (phoenix worms / calci worms)
baby snails
small moths
baby indian walking stick bugs
cabbage loppers
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