Different factors.


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Hey guys I've been worried about my male yemen for a few weeks now. He hasn't got much of an appetite. He is more interested in getting out. He tends to eat a grasshopper one day 2 calci worms 2 days later, he's drinking fine but his desparation to escape is scary almost jumping to my arm from his plant.

Wht factors can cause this? I've filled a info sheet before and everything seems normal from feedback.

I have a couple if theorises,

1) the humidity is to high I've ordered a gauge to test it and I've ordered some extra vents that I will install this weekend.

2) he's aware that his cage is next door to my female yemen, he can't see her in any way other than transporting her to the free range in the next room.

Could either of these be a factor to his lowered appetite? Or could there be other factors
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