Did I spook my boy ?


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They always get nervous their first few times out doors. Try putting him somewhere where he can hide better and feel more secure next time you bring him outside.


Nothing to be worried about =D

It's funny because today was the first day with 30 degree, And L really loves!
It was the first time that i see him with a really good color:



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Brought Pascal in the sun and his stripes went white and he stretched his body out all weird ???
Don't worry, Picasso gets all weirded out every time we take him out, I will be happy when he gets OK with being out, that sunshine is so good for them....until then it will just be a couple minutes at a time.


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Thanks guys, considering this little dude runs to me to be brought out, enjoying some sunny weather with him would be great


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It's interesting that you guys with veileds would say this because I noticed
the same with Smeagol.
When I bring him inside from the sun, he acts very strange, like he is affraid and doent know where he is.
He turns a dark color too. I have to let him calm down for 1/2 hour or so
before I can move him back home.

Now that I hear other stories, I see this is not unusual.


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Must just be nervous, ill be setting up a little free range area on my deck that he will hopefully like and be more comfortable


my veiled chameleon does the same thing also. he just stays in one spot with dark colors and white stripes. Im trying to get him use to being outside.
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