Did anyone else get a little angered by this?

I was a little upset to read about this story about a the condition of a wearhouse in Califonia.Where 2 men had over 20,000 rats and reptiles in horrible conditions. I am not sure if you have read it yet. I am attaching the link at the bottom for anyone who wants to read it.
Its really too bad that there are peaple like this in the world. it ruins it for the breeders that do take great care of their reptiles and feeders like they are pets.
It doesnt matter if a reptile is a breeder with us or not. A Hatchling that we are keeping or selling. All of our reptiles are treated the same. I look at it like I am getting the honor of having them I am going to do my best to keep the enviroment that I want to keep them in in the best condition I can. They dont have the choice the walk to another cage when they dirty the enclosure. So I need to work to keep them clean for them. This is our job as owners of these reptiles, and all animals for that matter.
To make them suffer threw these conditions just to make a buck. It makes me sick. I really hope that 100 counts each of animal crulity will get these animals some justice.

Those poor reptiles and rats it breaks my heart to hear of this kind of suffering.
anyone who wants to read the story here is the link:
All I can say is 100+ felony counts couldn't of happened to a nicer guy, :rolleyes: from what I hear. I only saw this company at local shows. And saw a rental truck they used turned into a covertible while drive out of the Sacramento CA show last fall.
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