Desert Tortoise (gopherus agassizii)


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Anyone else have/had any of these? I know their protected so you can't pruchase them but I have very fond memories of them as a child. I grew up in San Gabriel valley and it wasn't unusual to have one or two in your backyard (they hiberbnate in the winter). Next to any dogs I've kept over the years, my tortoise was my fav pet! This guy was very interactive with people (he assiciated us with food) and he would eat lettuce leaves from your hand and follow you around in the yard. The damn thing had more personality than the cat, lol!

I've lived most of my adult life in Seattle so there's no possiblity of keeping a tortoise outside but for those of you in So Cal, AZ, NM, TX, just wondering if anyone keeps these in their yards year round.

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