Denver Zoo Day


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Got to see my very first Mellers!


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To I wonder how long they've had the gecko set up like that?
Did they say if the Mellers was male or female?


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@AnamCara that's why I asked if they said the sex of it. There was a person on here Kristina Francis of Melleri Discovery who could sex them...but it isn't easy.
Here's a quote from her site but I'm not sure the link will work anymore...
"A new and harmless sexing method is the "profile of the cloaca-tail underline". This method is still being tested, we do not yet know if it is universal. Females tend to have a lip on the back (posterior) edge of the cloaca. Females also may have prominent hips, no matter how ideal their condition and weight. Males have either no edge protruding (juvenile or off season) or have an enlarged front lip to the cloaca and enlarged hemipenal bulges (breeding season)"

A vet friend of mine posted this...
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