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Just wondering if anyone has tried using an Arcadia deep heat projector on a chameleon's basking spot. Arcadia claims that it "mimics heat from the sun and provides heat deep into the muscle tissue" and it projects infrared A and B. I bought one for my leopard gecko and I've noticed that he's out and about quite a bit more, even during the day since I switched to the deep heat projector from my under tank heating pad. Of course, any overhead heat source might encourage the same behavior since he now has to bask on the flat rocks in order to get belly heat. I use a Fluker's fixture with a lamp dimmer to regulate the temp. I'm wondering if there would be advantages to using this for a chameleon to bask under.

I think it's a fairly new product, so I doubt too many people have attempted it. Their claims about its benefits are pretty interesting though.


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I saw "Leopard Gecko" on YouTube do this and personally I feel all it did was change the way the gecko got its heat which made the gecko have to be out of its hides more than normal. I considered this for my son's leopard gecko but instead I gave him a bigger enclosure with a larger heat pad and he tends to want to be out of his hide where the pad still stretches but still being close to it for security. So now we see him more at least. I just don't see the difference between a deep heat projecto and a basking spot light that does the same thing but in a different way. Further more deep heat projectors would require the "bulb" to be inside the enclosure. Even with a bulb screen this is dangerous for our chameleons. They will assume it's a warm branch and easily be burned. So no I don't feel it would be suitable for a chameleon. Just my 2¢
Actually you can have the bulb over a screen top. That's the way I have mine. They really don't get terribly hot (though you do need a method to regulate the temp obviously). She put hers inside the enclosure because she's using a wooden vivarium, but she had one over her screen top with a crested gecko.
Here is my setup:
I have mine set to about 91 on average (at about 10"). The dimmer switch is about the 3/4 of the way up. It got up to 97 when turned all the way up though my room was pretty warm when testing it.
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