Decisions, decisions....

I'm personally very biased towards Arak'Taral, I just think he's really cool. I'm not a huge fan of green panthers but his look is super clean and really interesting, in my opinion, and since the baby is a cross you're more likely to get really unique variation.

Can't go wrong with those options but I guess that's my vote :D
Well I decided on the Grimbold baby! So excited... now for his enclosure to be delivered and set up and make sure I have everything ready to go so I can get him delivered.

I will post pics once I have the enclosure ready and then more pics of my Cham once I have him...
Yeah, i have to agree with Arak'Taral. (how exactly is that pronounced? lol!)
He has very pretty coloring and I think that he would be the most fun one to
look at! lol! Of course that is just me. Cant wait to find out which one you choose!:D
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