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Selling all my cham stuff. I'm currently moving soon and I won't have the space for any of my stuff.

I'd like to pretty much sell everything as a package deal, but only willing to part with stuff through local meet ups. I don't want to deal with shipping at all.

Cash only, and I can meet half way somewhere depending on where you'll be coming from. I'm located in Alameda/Oakland/Berkeley California.

Onto the goods, Prices are listed aswell:

2x2x4' DIY Full mesh enclosure - $60
24" Double t5-HO fixture - $60 with lights
22" 6% Arcadia + 22" 6500k grow light - $60 with fixture
Mist King + Bucket with TWO Mist King rain domes w/ timer - $70 w/ domes
5.5" clamp lamp w/ 75w basking bulb - $5
Sweet Drainage system / stand built out of PVC. fits perfectly flush with my DIY 2x2x4' enclosure (PVC stand / Large white tub that stand fits in) - $20
4' Live Ficus tree - $10
Tons of jungle vine / foliage - $10
dripper (cut top off so it would fit in my room, ceilings are too low haha) - Free
FAKE 4' Ficus for free range / shower use, brand new - $20

I've spent a pretty penny for everything, but all i'm asking for is $180 FOR EVERYTHING. I spent $110 on my enclosure, $140 on my MK, $160 on lights, $60 Ficus, etc...You get the point.

PM me for pics or schedule a meet up if you're interested.

I'll also be in the Sacramento area on Wednesday only.


You can still contact me and I will respond if current offer does not meet tomorrow.
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