Dead Pygmy babies


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Hey everyone, sucks, i had all 4 pygmy eggs incubating at 70 days and all eggs shrank at different days and one suffocated in the egg and the other ones shrank and dented in and stood like that for days i got worried and cut one open and the baby was dead i just cut the other two because they have been dented in for about 3 days and both babies had no skin over there heads with their tongues sticking out. I was really expecting to raise some baby pygs. :( Hopefully my other 4 eggs are fertile and hatch out.


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awwwwww:(:(:(:(:(:( im sooooooooo sorry!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i can not beleive that happend!!!! try putting the rest somewere with a lower temp, unless you have them at room temp, then put them in a warmer place. try about 70 deegrees. hope the rest live!:eek:
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