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My chameleon's name is Merlin and he was a Valentines Day gift from my fiance last year. I have filled out this questionaire to get help. The problem i am facing is located at the end of my help form. Thanks in advance everyone!

Chameleon Info:
• Your Chameleon – Panther Chameleon, male, approx. 1.5 years old. In my possession since shortly after birth.
• Handling – When he was younger he wasn’t handled very often, as he got older it seemed he would come toward me when I came to the cage so handling was up to 3 times or so per week for short periods of time, no more than 5 minutes at a time and sitting in one place, not walking around with him.
• Feeding – I feed him crickets only. He will not touch any other worms. I gutload my crickets with Flucker’s “High-Calcium” Cricket Diet and I powder them once a week with Zoo Med’s “Reptivite with D3”. I feed him about 10 or so medium sized crickets a day in the morning. He usually eats all but like 3 or 4.
• Supplements – Once a week I dust my feeders with Zoo Med’s “Reptevite with D3”
• Watering – I have a misting system in place that mists every hour for 30 seconds. I also manually mist about twice a day using bottled water only, no tap water. I do see him drinking in the mornings usually.
• Fecal Description – Fecal matter is usually white and slightly orange with urate accompanying it. He has never been tested for parasites.
• History – He was to the vet once when he was 6 months old for an eye infection. The vet gave me an antibiotic cream to put on it and it healed up fine.

Cage Info:
• Cage Type – 48 X 24 X 24 cage enclosure from
• Lighting – Lighting includes one 18” Repti sun 5.0 UVB Florescent Bulb, one 75w blue daytime basking bulb. Daily lighting schedule: all lights go on at 8am and off at 8pm
• Temperature – High temp:90 basking spot/top of cage. Low temp:68 bottom of cage. Lowest overnight temp around 65. All temps measured by digital thermometers.
• Humidity – Humidity levels between 50 and 60. Keep a covered water dish with a perforated lid as well as the misting system to maintain humidity. Humidity is measured with a humidity gauge in the middle of the cage.
• Plants – No live plants are being used. All plants are artificial.
• Placement – The cage is located in my room in the finished basement of my house. Not near any fan or high traffic areas. There is an electric wall heater located on the same wall 3 feet away that circulates heat throughout the room periodically. The cage sits on my carpeted floor.
• Location – I live in Eastern Pennsylvania.

Problem: Currently my chameleon has been sleeping during the day. He doesn’t want to open his eyes to look at me or to eat. I just noticed today his lack of appetite; he has been eating fine previously. I had him out today and he walked around my arms like normal, maybe a bit slower. He found a comfy spot on my arms and closed his eyes. I put him back in his cage and he climbed across a vine and closed his eyes yet again. I am worried about him. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you!
Your set up seems good but you should have been supplementing him way more than you have been. the calcium with d3 once a week is ok, most member do it twice a month. You should have been dusting your feeders with a plain calcium at every feeding and you are also lacking a multivitamin which you should have been using a couple of times a month. Many times lighting issues will cause chams to close their eyes. When was the last time you changed out your UVB bulb? They should be changed out every 6-9 months. You said you had your cham since a baby and that was a year and 1/2 ago. Also parasites will cause loss of appetite and lethargy so that is a possibility also. Can you post some pics of your cham please!
Thank you for your help. I have not changed the UVB bulb ever, wasnt aware that should be done. Also i made a vet appointment for tomorrow and i will keep you posted. As for the pictures, i will try to get some on within the week. Thanks again for your help, i will heed your advice with the vitamins.
sorry to hear about your little guy's eyes :( Here are some links to the multivitamin and plain calcium. Maybe try gutloading your crickets with leafy greens like collard or mustard greens, carrots, apples, oranges. That way your chamy gets all the good stuff :) hope this helps!
yes, if that bulb is that old that could possibly be the problem. I mean unless you are able to take him outside for natural sunlight he probably is not getting any or very little UVB from the old bulb!!! I know alot of people think because their bulbs are still shining that they are still as potent as the day the bought them.
you have really good info given here to help solve the problem. lights and proper dusting schedule. reptivite is a multivitamin but should be given once a month. it has preformed VitA which is not a good thing if he is given to much of this. i would dust once a month with this product and would buy some herptivite to also dust once a month. follow carols advice on the bulb and plain calcium dusting.
Vet today

Just got back from my vet appointment with Merlin and everything seems to be alright. J The doctor checked his lungs and said everything sounds good inside. He said his color was fine and the inside of his mouth looked good as well. Merlin was given a shot with Vitamins A & D. The dr. told me to crank up the temps in his cage to 90-92 degrees for 48 hours consecutively, making sure to keep the humidity up as well so I don’t dry him out. I was given a syringe to give him “Ensure” protein shake to help boost him back into good health twice daily. He said the vitamins and minerals in Ensure are great for chameleons. I did mention to him what you had said Carol about the UVB bulb not being changed and he says that may very well be the problem. The bulb was changed this morning and we will wait and see how the vitamins and proteins help the little guy out. Thanks again everyone for all of your help! I appreciate it!
Glad to hear things went well at the vet and hope he will continue to improve with the vitamins and light change! Keep us posted!!!
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