dark lines on head


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my veiled has dark lines on his head. this never happened till i got his new cage. i looked around but noone else has had this problem apparently. they are purplish black and its on the not flat faces of his head
it sounds like they are just different coloring because of the new cage. He is probably stressed out and there fore showing stressed colors. The level of stress can vary and the colors can vary as well so maybe you haven't really seen him those colors before my veiled use to get dark lines on his head as well but post pics just in case it is something else
they are all gone now and it was when i got home last night he was asleep on the top of his ficus tree looking normal but he had dark lines i moved a heat lamps so it was little closer because i was afraid it was because hes to cold. he moves around fine i hand feed him crickets and hand spray the 8-9 month old veiled ( i also feel like the pet shop was wrong with his age as hes only 8 inches and i geuss this is small and he hasnt shown any of the black or yellow colors i see in adult veileds. i still love him and hes moving around today so far
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