Dangdest Power Outage...

Klyde O'Scope

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Our power—half of it—went out this afternoon. We've never experienced anything like this in 30+ years here.
I would have expected a brownout, but some of our breakers & power worked, and some didn't.

I actually called an electrician because I thought the problem was on our side of the box, but it turned out otherwise.
A neighbor came by asking if we had 'half power', and it had hit a small cluster of homes.

Called the electrician back to cancel & apologize. We reported it to the power company, who said there were no reports in our area, but we know at least 3 neighbors who called it in an hour before we did. :mad:

It came back on, and a half hour later the power company showed up and monkeyed with the transformer.
Most peculiar.

Only a semi-panic. All the reptiles lost power, but we scrounged up enough extension cords to make do.
Unfortunately it knocked out our furnace (and the temps are getting too low for at least one reptile), computers, TV, and refrigerator... Y'know... the unimportant stuff, and left on the sump, which has been dry for a month. 🤬

We're exhausted.
Super weird and stressful! So the power is back on? Heats back to normal-ish temps?
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