Dancing on the Ceiling


Having some issues keeping our Cham off the top of the cage, no matter what we do she climbs back up there, she has burned herself doing this, we have moved lights, moved plants. I need some advice, I can't stay with her constantly and any more of a distance with lights and her temps won't stay where they need to.


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How long have you had her and how old is she?

My female panther did this when she was new and then stopped .Now she only does it when she is freaked out about something.

My male panther started doing this as part of cage patrol when he hit 6 months. He doesn't hang out up there just walks around .


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@Ebkruer I feel your pain... My male veiled started this two weeks ago. He is about 6 months old now. I keep checking temps basking and ambient and they are spot on compared to the care sheets. Live pothos and humidity is great. He crawls across the top and up and down the sides like freaking spider man. It stresses me out completely. I have added fake plants from the top corners and down the corners so now at least if he loses his grip he grabs the fake plants. I am waiting on his new cage to be built. Hoping that when he has a ton more space filled with live plants it will calm him. But in the mean time it is really scary. Good luck with your little girl! :)
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