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He's fine. Interestingly he went into a shed today so I showered him well to clean him off for his vet visit. Dr. N poked, prodded, anesthetized (the eye), look around, checked his mouth - point being he was thorough. He sees nothing to warrant any action at this time. The other interesting thing is that today is the first day I have NOT seen Cyrus bulging and rubbing. Dr. N thinks it is possible that since this began with a shed that the epithelial layer of the eye may not have left the eye and that today's shed may have gotten it out. He does not see any signs of Vit A deficiency and felt that since this had been going on for about 6 weeks with absolutely no other signs it does not warrant giving additional vitamins.

We did not do i bloodwork. He said that Vit A levels are difficult to test for and his overall health is great. Of course I'll keep an "eye" on it and if the problem continues we will go from there.

On a joyous note, Darwin (beardie) who has been really itching to brumate got a clean bill of health (fecal) so I am a happy girl :D

Thanks for everyone's help!
Glad to hear the good news! Time will tell if the eye problem is really gone....and I hope it is.

Glad Darwin has a clean bill of health too!
Cyrus update - update...need more opinions

Well, even though Dr. N found no cause it has continued. When it is open it is fine. He still shows no signs of any infection, etc. And does not do this with his left eye.

He has gotten used to showers, sits under his humidifier and drinks. I am baffled once again. I know that some said Vit A but I would think that since this showed up in October there would be other signs by now and he is fine in every other way.

The vet said Vit A level cannot be determined from blood work. Is this so? I thought it could be. I am Vit dusting a little more often. He is on a superworm and silk moth only diet right now. Wish he'd eat some roaches!

Any other ideas? Btw, seems worse in morning and evening.
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