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We all need a little cuteness each day to make it though our lives, and what better way than chameleons? Here I encourage you all to post pics of your little (or big!) chams! I feel like This is going to be an adorable thread!


My tamatave is 4 months old and my ambanja is a dwarf chameleon that is 5-6 months old


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The Wild One

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Coda my 4 mo old veiled took a field trip to an orchard tree, she didn’t realize that the other half of the tree that she was trying to get too was it’s reflection in the mirror

The Wild One

Chameleon Enthusiast
Coda is always on the move she climbs on anything she can find i cant get her to stay still! Today she got frustrated that i wouldn't let her climb all the way on top of my head.
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