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Hey guys: Herbie fell off the window (I think) And cut his foot.
I noticed a spot of blood on his cage and finally found what it was from. I can't see an opening but the pad of his foot is brused and has what looks like a blood blister.
He is in the process shedding and the skin hasn't come all the way off of his pad so I don't know if the fall snagged his skin and maybe that's what caused the bleeding. Is that possible?
my main reason for writing is to find out if there is anything I could put on it to aid in healing and to clean it, peroxid, ointment, ect.? thanks

I am really not qualified to answer this, especially without pictures. Minor cuts (away from face) can be treated with hydrogen peroxide and an antibiotic cream. It could be more serious though. The blood blister and the fact that enough blood was drawn to actually drop to the floor worries me. He might need to see a vet for some oral antibiotics if swelling continues. Is he still using the foot in question?
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I pretty sure he's going to be fine. There is no real swelling and he gripping just fine. the first day I could tell it was hurting him. I went to the pet store today and bought some Repti wound healing aid. it has jojobna oil quinolinol? and tea tree oil. just out of curiosity are there and home pain relievers you can give repitals?
Good to hear he is using the foot. The repti wound healing aid sounds like it will help. I don't know of any reptile pain relievers available over the counter; I would be very wary of using any oral medication without consulting a herp vet first. I would continue to do what you are doing and monitor closely for any infections or increased swelling. If the area becomes infected, swelling increases, or he is having a lot of trouble using the leg, then it would probably be a good idea to visit your vet.
:( poor herbie. Keep it clean and use cream that you have. Time has to take place. Keep close watch and see if anything changes.
The Repti Wound Healing Aid is working great. I strongly recommend it, even for minor scrapes, old scares, lost toe nails, ect.. I'm not big on pet store remedies, but this is all natural so it it all good.
That is great to hear. Thanks for the recommendation, I am sure others will benefit from it. I am glade Herbie's foot is doing better, although your dog might not be ;) .
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