Curio Cabinet Chameleon Cage Build

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by msroka, May 15, 2018.

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    Interesting build out. I use a version of that background in my cages.
    Just to be clear you aren't planning on recycling your water are you? I can't tell if your reservoir is separate from your drainage.
  3. msroka

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    I wish I could post more pics but the post only let me post 10 lol It is not a recyclable water source. There are two different 3gal jugs inside the cabinet. One is for the water that the mister uses and the other one is for the drainage. I am able to take it out and empty as I please.
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  4. msroka

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    D1864915-8858-4392-8B25-0333CE20D4D4.jpeg C7CA57C9-3796-4E65-8DBF-DAFBE154D70B.jpeg 3E04A95C-EB3B-4BA0-B200-A5A8617C8A60.jpeg 8F24ED39-A9B0-444A-A277-EEA35918C79C.jpeg 27F51568-E9DD-442E-9FC4-704235A40547.jpeg 64713312-E92E-48B8-B0AE-BB7B24CF70E7.jpeg
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  5. timw1

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    Looks a little skinny,hopefully it's not.
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  6. msroka

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    I definitely did my research before going ahead with this project. This is bigger than the reptibreeze you can currently buy. The width is 24” x 28”. The height is 50” after gutting out the inside. Chameleons like to climb up and down instead of side to side. This has plenty of height and width for an adult chameleon. Plenty of shaded spots, basking spots, sleeping spots and climbing room. If I every feel that my panther needs more room later down the road, than I won’t hesitate to build another one haha
  7. Goose502

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    I have to disagree with the vertical movement over horizontal. They’ll move wherever they want. As far as providing all the different climate/humidity zones, if this is provided, then this cage indeed is ok. Looks interesting, looking forward to see how well it all works.
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    0653A145-DD8B-4541-A00D-0EDC8CD927D8.jpeg B4ACBA7E-7278-46C1-9F10-316D137E3A35.jpeg
    I actually had my chameleon since 4 months of age in here. So for the last three months hes been living in it and looks like he loves it! Haha
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