Cup feeding?


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What does this mean? Sorry for all the dumb questions but I am still a Noob when it comes to Chameleons;)
It means you feed your chameleon in a deli cup (or something like one), instead of just letting them loss in the cage.

It makes it easier to tell if your chameleon is eating and also helps prevent feeder from escaping.
You can brake the crickets jumping legs. I usually don't do this cause my chameleons usually eat them as soon as I place the cups into the cage.
Most of them don't really for whatever reason, unless they're in there a while. I use a really small feeder cup, it's a easy mac container with half a party cup glued to it with screen inside so the bugs can crawl. My male has a tongue injury from when he was a baby and can't shoot his tongue out very far and has horrific aim, and he does best when he can get right up on the food. I can dump like ten crickets in there and most of them just crawl around on the screen. One or two jump out if it takes him a while to get there but otherwise for the most part they kindof just chill. Using an average sized deli-cup or tupperware container is totally sufficient to keep them from jumping out.
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