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I tried to search this, but the search wont let me use the word cup...

How can I get my boy to cup feed? The first 2 times I tried he wont eat more than 3, this time he didnt eat any. I have a new cage set up with more plants and things to climb, so there are many more places for crickets to hide. I also have a rain system with multiple settings per day so if he doesn't eat all the crickets there's a good chance most of what is left over will drown during the next rain.
Anyway, what can I do, if anything, to make him want to eat from a cup?
Well the first time I used a mixing bowl so the crickets would have enough room to move around and get his attention, but it was a deep blue so I figured he didn't like the color. So I cut the top half off of a gallon jug for the second 2 times, and he didn't like that either.
maybe you have it too deep for him? Try something maybe more shallow? Just an idea. If you don't want the cricks to jump out you will have to remove their legs (yuk)
You can try the plastic milk jug. Which it sounds like you have already. But this time try gluing some screen to the inside of the jug. It will give the bugs something to climb on. That may be enough to attract his attention. Some chams dont like shooting down into a cup/bowl. But will take the insects off a screen. Its worked for me and others. ;)
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