Cross breeding panther types?


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I copied this off another member. They explain it better than I could.
You might get a lot of response, might not. This is a heavily debated topic. Short answer: Yes. You can mix different locales of panthers. If you are not an experienced breeder, might want to reconsider. I would recommend you do a "Search" of the forums on this, there is A LOT of information regarding cross breeding vs. keeping pure lines.

If you are serious about breeding anything, you need to do A LOT of research and do it properly. Talk to some of the respected breeders on the forum. Kammerflage Creations do a lot of cross breeding and so far as I can tell do it well. Please make sure you are ready for the commitment to possible 60 hungry mouths to feed! They eat a lot from what I have read on this forum! Again, there is a ton of great information on the forums. Take advantage of it and make sure you are truly ready to breed, let alone cross breed - in my opinion crossing locales requires more responsibility than pure breeding, not just for consumers but for the well being of the captive bred population.
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