Crooked legs on my veiled


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I have a 3 or so month old veiled and his front legs are starting to look like the bones are not straight in them. When I got him they were fine, one of the traits I was instructed to look for. However now they are slowly starting to get crooked, the crookedness is symmetrical between the left and right legs. His back legs appear to still be fine. Any help or information about this would be appreciated. I have goggled it and searched but can't find anything relative.

Thanks in advance,

P.S. Once I get the batteries for my camera charged I will attach a picture or 2 to my post
Hello janmarcus, welcome to the chameleon forums :)

That is a very young chameleon to be experiencing problems. Sounds like MBD; are you supplementing your chameleon's food? What are you feeding it? Do you have a UV bulb in your setup?

[THREAD=66]Here is a link[/THREAD] that includes more info you could include to get better advice.
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