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I have a 10 month old ambanja panther and he has always been a very veracious eater and never had trouble with his crickets even if try get kind of large by the end. He is about 15 inches from nose to tail and his mouth on one side is about 1-1 1/2 inches. The crickets I get him are the larger mediums (the place I go sizes them by weeks) I get them when they are a lil over a week before becoming adults. Well these ones were closer to adult hood than others in the past and he didn't have any problem eating the large crickets when he would get some... He's eaten ones significantly larger than his head before when one stayed in his cage for awhile and didn't notice it till I was cleaning it. Well these ones are not bigger than what he usually eats at the end of his batches but he has seemed to stop eating them. I dont get it. I know I need to get him a larger cage his is 18x18x36 at the moment but I Ty and take him out every other day at the least. I'm in the process of building his new cage. He is still popping well it's normal and he's drinking. His lighting is right. I'm getting worried because he not eating them and he has been eating like 10 a day and hey are starting to dig into the soil of his plant. Please help!
heres a couple pix of him

the first picture is him sun bathing in the window about 2 weeks ago and the other 2 are a couple days ago waking up from his nap on my hand while on the way home from seeing family.


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