Crickets -- Keeping them alive...


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Hi all, not sure if you all have this problem but I go to these reptile shows and buy my crickets by the 1000 and most die in the first week so I did a little research on how to keep them alive and found this blog...

Not sure if it will work but built a cage last night. Here are some pictures.

Materials used

Container Looks Like this when finished

I think it turned out pretty good let me know what you all think

I purchased it all at Home Depot and here is what it cost

One Container $4.98
One Tube of Adhesive $3.50
One Screen the kind for insects (Metal) $6.98
Scissors - had already
Utility Knife - Had already

Total cost about $15.50

If anyone else has built their own cricket cage please share with us here. Also any tips on how to keep them alive would be great! I am putting inot practice this persons perspective but am open to all so please share your success stories.


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This set-up works great. i have a container similar to this and have very little dead crickets. The only thing i would suggest it to not put the screen all the way to the bottom, leave at least 4". That way the crickets wont climb on the screen...


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Hot Glue vs Liquid Nails

If you have a hotglue gun use it, instead of the liquid nails...
Was going to do that but hot glue breaks down so easy it does not last so I went with this which is for plastics and is kinda like a silicone base it is beaded up like a hot glue gun so all edges are sealed. I will post if there is any problems with it but seems to be working fine
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