Update on"Keeping my crickets ALIVE"


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So in the past I wrote about how hard of a time I was having keeping my crickets alive. So about 3 weeks ago after following advice from the forums I can honestly say MY CRICKETS ARE LIVING A LONG LIFE NOW!!!!! I was buying regular brown crickets with not much luck, I was buying 1000 to 1500 at a time and loosing 3/4 of them in before I could feed them. This is very costly!!!! I switched to banded crickets and rearranged my egg crates to be vertical instead of horizontal and WOW did it make a huge difference. Three weeks into my new breed of crickets and my new setup "egg crate lay out" and I have only lost 5 crickets!!!!!! I am a true believer now in banded crickets!!! On another note I would like to say that when I ordered 1500 banded crickets from Ghanns Crickets they came in a container with no food or water source ( usually my crickets came with potatoes or carrots in the box) and there was only 3 dead crickets in the box. This is AMAZING to me, in the past all of my crickets have came in with several dead crickets in the box. I am sold on Ghanns crickets from here on out. They are a little pricey but I do believe now that you get what you pay for. Thanks everyone who got me on the right track with my feeders!
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